Schedule Change Process

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Each spring students request courses they would like to take for the next school year.  The master schedule is built based on those requests.  Students are expected to successfully complete the courses they have requested.  There is limited space available for schedule changes.

Schedule changes will be considered within the first 10 days of the semester for the following reasons:

  • Schedule is incomplete (missing a class)
  • Student has taken and received credit previously
  • Student does not meet prerequisite for the class
  • Student needs course for graduation requirement
  • Inappropriate skill level placement (examples – wrong level of math, took summer school for the course, teacher recommends a change to another level based on student level)
  • Running Start schedule conflicts with high school schedule

Students will not be able to add/drop a course after day 10 unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Students will complete an Extenuating Circumstances Schedule Change Form and submit it to the principal.  The principal will make the final decision as to whether or not the student can drop the course.  If a student is approved to drop a course, the following will apply:

  • If a student is passing the course, the student will receive no credit and a “W” on their transcript.
  • If a student is not passing the course, the student will receive an “F” on their transcript.
  • Student schedule might be rearranged as there should not be a free period during 2nd-5th periods.
  • The student needs to have an appropriate place to be during the class period they are dropping.

Courses dropped during the last two weeks of the semester will be posted as a failing grade.

Extenuating Circumstances Schedule Change Form 20-21.pdf

Form in Spanish:
Extenuating Circumstances Schedule Change Form ESP 20-21.pdf