AP Classes 2021


 AP Exam
 Date of Test
 US History
 Wed 5/19/2021      
 Euro History
 Wed 5/19/2021  9:00am
 Macro Econ
  Wed 5/19/2021  1:00pm  
 English Lang
 Wed 5/26/2021
 Thur 5/27/2021
 Comp Gov
 Fri 5/28/2021
 Micro Econ
 Fri 5/28/2021  1:00pm  
 Calc AB & BC
 Wed 6/9/2021
 Chemistry   Thur 6/10/2021  9:00am  
 Statistics   Thur 6/10/2021  1:00pm  

AP Exams will be DIGITAL ONLY in home exams for all of
Stanwood Camano

This year, due to COVID Collegeboard has stated they will offer full refunds for any AP exams not taken. Refunds will be issued by the district office after all AP exams have been administered in June.

The dates to pay LATE with a late fee of $40 are:
February 22, 2021 - March 5, 2021

Test will be $95+40 late fee= $135 per test

Payments will be taken at SHS Main Office 7am-2:45pm M-F

If you have free/reduced lunch, please contact Cyndie Hutchison at chutchison@stanwood.wednet.edu

Students need to:
Register with The College Board and Join your AP class - contact your teacher for the AP class join code

Contact The College Board directly if you are having account problems.