AP Summer 2021 Assignments

AP Summer 2021 Assignments
Posted on 06/22/2021
AP Summer AssignmentsIf you are taking an Advanced Placement (AP) course for the summer of 2021, you may need to complete a summer assignment. 

Here are the classes and links to summer assignments.

AP Biology:
AP Biology summer assignment - 2021 - 22.pdf
Here is the website for the AP Biology online book:


AP Chemistry:
Directions AP Chemistry Summer Assignment 2021.pdf
AP Chemistry student worksheets-1-1.pdf
Chemistry - Periodic Table and Ions-1.pdf
AP Chemistry Summer Assignment Student Study Guide (3)-1.pdf

AP Comparative Government:

AP European History:
AP European History summer assignment 2021.pdf

AP Language:
AP Lang Summer Assignment '21-'22-2-1.pdf

AP US History:
AP US History summer assignment.pdf

The following AP classes do NOT have summer assignments:
AP Calculus A/B
AP Physics
AP Statistics