Scholarship Info


February 1 -- Application period opens
TBD -- Transcripts available in Counseling Office
March 11 -- Scholarship Application Submission DEADLINE (4:00 pm)
May 10 -- Invitations to Scholarship Night mailed to scholarship recipients
August 15 -- Deadline for student submission of scholarship claim forms & thank you notes
August 15-30  -- Scholarship checks mailed to schools (unless indicated funds are needed sooner)

Click below for Local Scholarship Info:
Stanwood-Camano Area Foundation

Skagit Valley College Financial Aid Workshops:
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NEW Scholarships from the Counseling Office Link!

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Requesting a Letter of Recommendation 2021

The SchoolHouse Connection Youth Leadership and Scholarship Program
Application Opens: June 12, 2023
Application Closes: November 24, 2023
Applicants Notified: January 15-19, 2024

David W. Martin Law Group Scholarship (for college students)
Deadline: 12/31/2023

B. Davis Scholarship
Deadline: 05/21/2024

Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld Scholarship (pre-Law)
Deadline: 12/31/23

Cascade Warbirds 2024 Aviation Scholarship Program
Deadline: 2/29/24

The Hagan Scholarship
Deadline: 12/01/23

Big Sun Athletics
Deadline: 06/19/24

Smart Choices Scholarship Program
Deadline: 03/15/2024

Providence General Children's Association Scholarships
Deadline: 03/29/2024

Association of Computer Professionals in Education (ACPE)
Deadline: 02/16/2024

American  Indian Endowed Scholarship Program
Deadline: 03/01/2024


NROTC Scholarship

American Legion Auxiliary
Evergreen Girls State & Scholarship Opportunity

Whitworth College Bound Scholarship & Promise

Incredible Health Nursing Scholarships 

Elks Legacy Awards
Deadline: 02/05/24

Elks Vocational Grants
Deadline: 03/01/2024

WA State Fair Blue Ribbon Scholarship Program
Deadline: 01/31/2024

WSU Alumni Association Scholarship Program
Deadline: 01/31/2024

Washington State School Retirees' Association Scholarship Program
Deadline: 04/01/2024


Scholarship Programs available to Washington Students -
visit Student Scholarships and search for the following titles, or use this DIRECTORY:

Burress Law Underdog Scholarship (deadline: 12/13/2023)
Science Ambassador Scholarship (deadline: 12/13/2023)
Niche Scholarships (deadline: 12/14/2023)
North American Van Lines Logistics Scholarship (deadline: 12/15/2023)
Rubincam Youth Award (deadline: 12/15/2023)
Mindscape Big Picture Scholarship (deadline: 12/15/2023)
Branch Out Scholarship (deadline: 12/15/2023)
Kapuza Lighty Scholarship (deadline: 12/15/2023)
Interstellar Research Group Scholarship (deadline: 12/15/2023)
NACME Scholarships (deadline: 12/16/2023)
Challenge Yourself Scholarship (deadline: 12/18/2023)
Equitable Excellence Scholarship (deadline: 12/18/2023)
Kelly Law Autism Scholarship (deadline: 12/20/2023)
Thiel High School Fellowship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Arthur M. & Berdena King Eagle Scout Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Scalacube Gaming Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
AIAA Lockheed Martin Marillyn Hewson Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Future Travel Nurse Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Design Thinking Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Youth Scholarship Program (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Roger W. Kahn Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Nelson Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Undergraduate Scholarships for Veterans (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Lawnstarter Lawntrepreneur Schholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Path to Pro Scholarship Program (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Appily Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Able Flight Scholarships (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Second Chance Foundation Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Annual Strive to be the Best Criminal Lawyer Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Schaefer Halleen's Social Equity Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Power of Resilience Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
See Something Say Something Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Open Door Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Opportunity to Grow Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Writers of the Future Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
JSHS Scholarships (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Jungle Scholar Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
Path to Success Scholarship (deadline: 12/31/2023)
GE Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program (deadline: 01/04/2024)
Automotive Women's Association Scholarships (deadline: 01/08/2024)
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarships (deadline: 01/10/2024)
ARRL Foundation Scholarship Program (deadline: 01/10/2024)
VSA Playwright Discovery Program (deadline: 01/10/2024)
Love Your Career Scholarship (deadline: 01/10/2024)
Grow Ag Leaders Scholarship (deadline: 01/11/2024)
DECA Student Scholarships (deadline: 01/12/2024)
Profile in Courage High School Awards (deadline: 01/12/2024)
AQHA Scholarships (deadline: 01/15/2024)
Washington Crossing Foundation Scholarship (deadline: 01/15/2024)
Lyndsey Scott Coding Scholarship (deadline: 01/15/2024)
Mensa US Scholarship (deadline: 01/15/2024)
United States JCI Foundation Scholarships (deadline: 01/19/2024)
Naval Helicopter Association Scholarship (deadline: 01/24/2024)
Breanna Coleman Memorial Nursing Scholarship (deadline: 01/24/2024)
National Eagle Scout Association Scholarships (deadline: 01/31/2024)
ExploraVision Awards (deadline: 01/31/2024)
Advocates Law Scholarship (deadline: 01/31/2024)
Baer Reintegration Scholarship (deadline: 01/31/2024)
Community Leaders Scholarship (deadline: 02/06/2024)
John Lennon Scholarships (deadline: 02/15/2024)
Black American Engineering Scholarship (deadline: 02/18/2024)
Farm Kids for College Scholarships (deadline: 02/20/2024)
Common App Scholarship (deadline: 02/29/2024)
Harold Rothman Business Scholarship (deadline: 02/29/2024)
Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Children of Warriors National Presidents' Scholarship (deadline: 03/01/2024)
FEEA Scholarships (deadline: 03/14/2024)
Navy League Foundation Scholarships (deadline: 03/15/2024)
SUVCW Scholarships (deadline: 03/31/2024)
Unboxing Your Life Scholarship (deadline: 03/31/2024)
Latino Actuaries Scholarship Program (deadline: 03/31/2024)
Heavy Equipment Parts Express Scholarship (deadline: 04/01/2024)
Jack & Julie Narcolepsy Scholarship (deadline: 04/01/2024)
Army Scholarship Foundation Scholarships (deadline: 04/15/2024)
Lift Parts Express Scholarship (deadline: 04/30/2024)
ASHRAE High School Senior Scholarships (deadline: 05/01/2024)

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