AP Classes 2021-2022


 AP Exam
 Date of Test

 US History
 Euro History

 Macro Econ
 English Lang
 Comp Gov
 Micro Econ
 Calc AB & BC

Pay at the SHS main office M-F, 7am - 2:45pm
$95 per exam if ordered by November 5th
(checks payable to SHS)
Additional $40 fee per test if ordered late up until March 1st, and there is no penalty for cancellation before March 1st

Note: AP Fee Reduction for students who meet eligibility criteria: $0 if ordered by October 30th.  

Please contact Christy Headrick at [email protected] for details.

Students need to:
Register with The College Board and Join your AP class - contact your teacher for the AP class join code

Contact The College Board directly if you are having account problems.