Principal's Message

Welcome to Stanwood High School, home of the Stanwood Spartans. Stanwood High School is a comprehensive high school that makes a difference in students' lives by building relationships between students, staff, parents and community while:

  • Connecting student learning to their future endeavors,
  • Creating a positive classroom environment focused on effective instruction, participation and collaboration,
  • Providing opportunities to experience and explore concepts.
Vision Statement:
Stanwood Spartans are united in cultivating character, modeling respect, teaching leadership and connecting to community.

We are excited to be in our new school building and look forward to showcasing what our community has provided for our students and staff.

You might hear about non-negotiables from your child. Non-negotiables are principles we all agree to abide by, like a contract. If any member of the group does not follow the list, then the contract is broken and we won't accomplish our goal.

This year's non-negotiables are:

1. Teachers and students are expected to use the full extent of class time. Students will not be released early from class.

2. Staff will encourage student punctuality and attendance by being visible in hallways, following the building tardy policy and entering attendance into Skyward within the class period.

3. Staff will make school a welcoming and safe place. Staff presence in hallways will assist in this.

4. Staff and students will not use their cell phones, electronic devices, or headphones during the class period UNLESS electronic devices are being used for administrator- approved teacher directed learning activities.

5. Staff will not allow students to sleep in class.

These non-negotiables will allow us to focus on improved student achievement and engagement in the classroom. By holding each other accountable with these non-negotiables, staff and students will make SHS a better learning environment for EVERYONE and Unite us in our commitment to educate students.